Welcome to Blind Fate Dating! This innovation dating website and mobile application is the place where physicality is not the sole focus of attention. The main goal of this online dating site is to help you find a true romantic partner based on the most important aspect of any romantic relationship-THE CONNECTION!

Love is complex enough. The site is here to help you navigate some of the most important aspects of love to reach a meaningful, deep, and intimate emotional connection with someone special. This site applies scientific psychological research on love to establish the foundation for lasting love and companionship.

You might have tried other online dating websites where there was a focus on the physical, superficial aspects of the person. This factor might have caused an automatic judgment of the other person without exploring them on a deeper, more intimate level. Thus, avoiding the possibility of a true connection from blossoming. And, might have resulted in a casual fling or hook-up, something you were trying to avoid in the first place! Alas, you’re left to mend the pieces of your broken heart back together.

We want to create an online dating experience that is based on finding you a true, deep connection based on intimacy, respect, and getting to know the entire multifaceted human being. We aspire to have you make an investment to find a quality relationship with someone special. It would be even more of an exciting opportunity if you happened to come across your perfect match. Your life partner- your person!

Life is fast-moving. There is no time to find or make meaningful and lasting relationships. It takes time and effort to build a bond with another person. You might have given other online dating sites a try but were unsuccessful in finding a real, raw connection and vibing with the right person. However, we know that you are still longing for companionship and to hopefully one day meet your soul mate-which is what every human being ultimate deserves!

Let us help you to reach complete happiness by guiding you on your dating journey. We are often blind to what we are truly looking for in a relationship and become distracted by messages about dating from others or get caught up in the routine of everyday life. Let Blind Fate Dating do the leg-work for you in your pursuit of affection and ultimate escape from loneliness.

Blind Fate Dating is tailored to finding lasting love for the hopeless romantic. Try this unique online dating experience by blindly dating online without ANY MEMBER PROFILE PICTURES. The goal is for you to see what truly defines a person on the inside beyond their external appearance. We strive for members to develop a solid foundation of roots to only grow and blossom from. We aim for you to get to know the person on a different level than typical dating and connect on an entirely unique level than ever experienced in any previous relationship.

We hope this new and exciting beginning will remove all of the pressures and anxiety of dating for you to finally have the opportunity to become empowered. To take control and ownership over your personal dating experience and stop getting in the way of your ultimate happiness!