Site Description

This online dating platform removes the distraction of the physical being to focus on other important aspects of a romantic relationship to foster both the cognitive and emotional groundwork for the relationship to build upon. We want to eliminate members from feeling intimidated or preoccupied focusing on a member’s profile picture. Instead, Blind Fate Dating wants to engage members through prompting them to discuss vulnerable topics that are hard, uncomfortable and downright awkward conversations to have!

But, wouldn’t you want to find out about all of a person’s likes, dislikes, and flaws as soon as humanly possible? To get to know the real person! Relationships often end because there is the avoidance of talking about the “elephant” in the room to escape difficulties that might result in confrontations that can bring up powerful emotions, such as hurt and pain. We want to avoid the “you never know” and not allow you to walk away from your potential soul mate because you talked yourself down or out of a situation when it became hard.

Blind Fate Dating desires to remove the many layers and complexities of the relationship dynamic early on. Members will provide a detailed description of themselves, their core values, and beliefs about relationships on the Love Survey in hopes of finding members with similar profiles. This process will guide members to decide the most vital elements they are attracted to in a lover. Many long-term relationships and marriages might not have ever discussed or wanted to figure out the fundamental core beliefs and values of their partner until it was too late or it became uncovered randomly at an unwanted time.

The process will also help members to gather their own personal knowledge and insight about how they perceive relationships. Often we become blinded after investing so much time, energy, and emotion in failed relationships. We begin to internalize the broken relationship and have the tendency to blame ourselves questioning our own value, worth, and personal identity. It is time to explore what you are truly searching and longing for in love. Let us help by walking the path with you to find true love and internal happiness. We hope this experience will be both fulfilling and humbling. We want you to take from this experience the ability to learn and grow in order to avoid making the same mistakes in relationships over and over again. Let Blind Fate Dating be the glimmer of hope to find a genuine connection!